CSP Acc Bonuses-Singabantu Afrika

Singabantu Afrika (PTY) Ltd is a registered legal entity REG: 2018/261242/07 and registered with SARS with VAT Number:4430282030

Annual Dividends

To earn Super Bonus Rewards from Singabantu Afrika as a Singabantu Afrika Lifestyle Shopper
1) You must have an active good standing Singabantu Afrika CSP Lifestyle Debit Card.

2) You must have purchases within the Lifestyle Partner Network as a Singabantu Afrika Lifestyle Customer at the Core Partners. 

3) Dividends may change from time to time as Purchases done by Lifestyle Shoppers through our Cards affects the Buying power to Negotiate. The more you buy within the network as a Singabantu Afrika network shopper (including through our Third Party App) the more dividens and rewards we can give you.

4) Customer Share Point Dividends are paid 30 days after the 12 Month Cycle and calculated based on your Shopping points accumulated throughout the financial year. Refer to the terms and conditions.

5) Monthly Rewards Cashback and Shopping Point Bonuses will be paid to you through our various partners and system apps. We will send you details on the information as well as the Google verified Apps to download. 

6) The more CSP Core Partner products you use, the higher your tier benefit will be.

In order to receive Super Bonuses you are required to purchase within the network partners using your CSP Card or Shop as a CSP Customer or through our Partners with a normal bank card (following the website links). If you do not have a CSP Account yet send us a whatsapp message on 065 544 6349

Our office hours are 8H30 AM to 16H30 PM (Monday to Friday).
For more information or questions about our products & services, please contact us by phone, email or whatsapp. Singabantu Afrika (Pty) Ltd Phone:  087 150 2017
Email: info @ singabantuafrika.com Business Whatsapp Line & CSP Orders: 065 544 6349

(The Business Whatsapp Line is only used for whatsapp messages. Any SMS's , Please Call Me's and Phone Calls will be ignored)