About our Cleaning Products-Singabantu Afrika

Singabantu Afrika (PTY) Ltd is a registered legal entity REG: 2018/261242/07 and registered with SARS with VAT Number:4430282030

Health & Beauty Division

Orion Skin Technology Relax Revive Rejuvinate Orion Skin Technology has been trialed and tested to meet the needs of the harsh environment and demands of the South African weather.

The Company was founded by Morne Vermaak and Vincent van As. Being friends for many years Morne always asked Vincent what he used for his skin as it always looked healthy and smooth, Vincent always said his own product and after 5 years of friendship Vincent gave Morne a sample and Morne was hooked on the amazing experience left after the first application. Using Swiss Grade Technology with a tad  of love, the sweet spot needed for perfect results, we know that our product does not only make promises but also delivers. The birth of Orion Skin Technology started as a word of mouth sales in November 2020, in Pretoria East and is currently distributing  through a network of independent agents all over South Africa. Our goal is to produce locally and soon we will be going international. Our packaging standard have been designed for international markets. Ensuring we are ready for international shipment.

Visit www.orionskin.co.za