Become a CBW Merchant-Singabantu Afrika

Singabantu Afrika (PTY) Ltd is a registered legal entity REG: 2018/261242/07 and registered with SARS with VAT Number:4430282030

Lifestyle Merchant Partner

Why become a Singabantu Afrika Lifestyle Merchant Partner
Become a Lifestyle Merchant Partner and a part of the Singabantu Afrika Lifestyle Shopping Community and build a loyal customer base. 
Thanks to our own bespoke Lifestyle Shopper Card, Lifestyle Merchant Partners can now attract new customers more easily and increase their turnover in a sustainable fashion. You do not need to do anything other than load the normal day to day transaction and swipe our Customer Lifestyle Card.  

Included in the program is other benefits which includes
Marketing and Advertising.
Chance to increase Revenue.
Promo Push  to promote any promotions you have running.

From these rebates we will reward our Customers.