Vision-Singabantu Afrika

Vision-Singabantu Afrika
Singabantu Afrika (PTY) Ltd is a registered legal entity REG: 2018/261242/07 and registered with SARS with VAT Number:4430282030

About Singabantu Afrika


Our objective is to IMPROVE YOUR LIFE through ACTIONS and not EMPTY PROMISES, Singabantu Afrika has made massive changes to the global network marketing system. Simply change the way you do business and shopping through our AMAZING BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY.

A point systen can cost you, the member, over thousands of rands and sleepless nights. This means you will never need to take out a loan and buy into an empty promise of "investing in your future". There is no future or success in being a Garage Millionaire. Just join us and change the way you shop.

Another benefit of the NO POINT SYSTEM is that there is no unrealistic stress causing requirements to receive rewards. No target driven pressure other than referring a few friends to do the same as you and joining
ourCashback World network. No ridiculous requirements to advance to the next level as a Lifestyle Shopper. Simply Change The Way You Shop and do Banking with the Singabantu Afrika Lifestyle Master Card.

Singabantu Afrika is a consumer based company and because there are no points to determine your worth, you do not ever need to sell anything. No selling means, never having to worry about competing with a Singabantu Afrika Lifestyle Shopper that lives up the road.

We believe that the amount of money that runs through South Afrika is of such high value that every person living in South Africa can live a luxury life. The estimated worth of money in South Africa divided by 40 million people (excluding children under the age of 16) will give each adult 80 million rand (which goes to the top 100 richest people in South Africa). Singabantu Afrika found a way to give some of that money back to you the consumer.
Simply Change The Way You Shop and do Banking with the Singabantu Afrika Lifestyle Master Card..

Embracing the wealth of our humanity and strengthening the culture based differences through unification, Turning Friendships into Partnerships. Singabantu Afrika uses its resources and Networking system to strengthen Health, Wellness and Improving lifestyles by creating Financial Millionaires.
Simpply Change The Way You Shop. Buy through the CashBack World App.

Goals and Objectives
Offer a financial solution in the banking sector that offers crazy cashback rewards.
Save you Time and Money.

We strive to keep our pricing fixed for as long as possible but sometimes we have to make some changes. We usually impliment our Annual price increase on the 01st of August every year.

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